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On Sunday, we opened the new season. I enjoyed my excitement about this premiere, bothering about the most fitting flow, about the appropriate instruction for students and finally, about the slogan for this (it’s hard to believe!) sixteenth season. Each coach experiences the moment when it’s not that important how much students have come, – it’s much more important that the group exists. To have an own yoga class for a coach is similar to the scientific discovery for a scientist, individual record for a sportsman, even like bearing a baby for a woman.

My triyoga class is my mega discovery, my own record, my beloved child. Its a small planet of a kind. You walk there barefoot, speak less than usual and do everything as if you know some mystery.  This knowledge is the reason to treat each other heartily, which is especially true towards the beginners. By default, so to say. This ambience isn’t static, it changes depending on the place, the season of the year. In a few minutes after the session begins, the energy of each member wakes up or, to the contrary, calms down forming the invisible but well sensible common field. In this field, the time slows down and the movement of the body and the breath flow take on different, unusual aspects: the feeling of harmony, deliverance, healing. When someone of the constant students disappear or doesn’t attend for a long time, I feel how much I miss his or her energy and how this cocktail changes, and a new one is created. Each season has its own pattern: I think it depends on the stars and planets outlay, – so much different it is each time.

Once, I asked Kaliji about the way people begin doing yoga and why they leave. She answered, students come and go. Just go on sharing “and the right ones will arrive”. It’s true, if the need appeared, the man will come. He’ll find his yoga, his class – a small planet, his mat. And then, yoga and meditation will give him a gift – the additional lifetime, – because they don’t take the time but give it. He doesn’t need any clues, — the simple truths will reveal themselves, and the exciting consciousness of the own self and the world comes. In a moment, it might turn out that, thanks to yoga, we’ll live not one but two different lives.

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