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  • How Triyoga differs from other yoga systems?

    Triyoga is rather a mild practice; the transitions from pose to another one are always synchronized with breathing and accompanied by the wavelike movements of the spine. Triyoga creator yogini Kaliji has compiled hundreds of multi level sequences to practice in groups with students with different physical level, from basic one for beginners to the fifth level. The sessions are held by Triyoga teachers who have got a certificate from Triyoga International.

  • Are there age or other limitations for practicing Triyoga?

    As with any other yoga system, there are no age limitations in Triyoga. A person on his or her own or with doctor’s advice makes a decision regarding the type of the physical exertion to be performed. Usually, after the first session your body can tell whether this practice fits you or not.

  • What are Triyoga benefits in comparison to other yoga systems?

    Triyoga practice can be rightfully called a therapeutic session. Each session begins with the breathing practice that prepares the students to the flow in hathayoga, which begins with the Spring (warming up and waking up the energy), transmits into Summer (intensive strengthening flow). From Summer to Autumn (twisting and stretching), and completes with Winter (calming and retreating inside yourself). The session ends with the complete relaxation in Yoga Nidra and concentration.

  • Who can hold Triyoga sessions?

    Certified teachers, the information can be found on the website of Triyoga International triyoga.com.

  • Where can I practice Triyoga in Odessa?

    In Odessa, the sessions are held in Triyoga Center at 85 Novoberegovaya street.

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