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I am Olga Bronetskaya,
teacher of Triyoga in Odessa

  • 2006

    I got a shot of love to Triyoga at my first session in Triyoga group. I remember well the teacher (her name was Inessa) offering us to fix our state and body sensations before the session, and compare them afterwards. I think what I felt after the first session couldn’t be called “transforming”; yet, those were the changes to my body and my mood I wished to experience again. There wasn’t a single practice alike to another; each time with Triyoga, its teachers and its creator – yogini Kaliji, revealed new discoveries and brought amazing sensations making the ground for changes and improvement in my life.

  • 2012

    A moment has come, when I couldn’t just feel oy and happiness from sessions but had to share them with others. After the preparation with the senior teachers of Triyoga International I got a Triyoga Teacher certificate from Kaliji, and with great enthusiasm tried the ground of my own path for spreading this unique yoga system. My first group has formed very quickly. The places where we practiced changed, new students were coming, the number of sessions and their duration grew, while at some moment I realized that my beloved students and Triyoga itself deserve more.

  • 2017

    It was the time to create my own Triyoga Center in Odessa – the city having everything to benefit this practice. Proximity of the sea and its breath, the garden and open terrace for summer sessions, gongs and singing bowls as a soundtherapeutic accompaniment for Yoga Nidra. Besides, the Center gave me the opportunity to draw up the schedule and vary the sessions on my own with regard to requests and physical state of my students.

  • 2019

    My experience during past years led to the conclusion that the regular yoga practice makes the unique source of physical power, spiritual health, emotional stability and preservation of the inner feeling of youth. This “discovery” has just one flaw – we don’t receive all those gifts at once, after the first sessions. Only when we make the sessions a part of our must do program, we can eventually forget about chronic diseases, feel the flexibility and the power of our body, become invulnerable to petty grievances and external estimation; and yoga will become forever our indispensable remedy and our best friend.

  • Qualification and Experience

    Triyoga practice since year 2006. More than thousand hours of practical teaching.

    From 2007 to 2019 I visited 16 workshops and master classes of Triyoga in various cities and countries of the world, with senior teachers of Triyoga International Santoshi Devi, Rishi Dev, Eva Maria Beck, Angelina Garber, Nandi Devi.

    In 2010 and 2016 I attended to retreats in the territory of Ashram Shri Ganapati Sachinanda Swamiji in Maysur with yogini Kaliji – founder of Triyoga system.

    In 2018, I visited global conference Evolution Asia Yoga Conference as a participant of Triyoga International delegation headed by yogini Kaliji.

    In 2018, I took a course of sountherapy education for the class of gongs and singing bowls in the International Academy of Sound Healing in New York.

    In November 2012 I got a certificate of TT - Triyoga Teacher Basic Level.

    In 2018 and 2019, I organized and held two Triyoga retreats in Odessa and Odessa region.

    In 2017 and 2018, I organized two introductory workshops into Triyoga with the senior teacher Triyoga International Santoshi Devi.